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School Hours


Hours of School Operation

Please Note: There is no separate kindergarten bus on early dismissal days.

Elementary Schools

School Opening Closing Delayed Opening Early Dismissal
All Others 8:55AM 3:30PM 10:55AM 1:40PM
Holland Hill 8:10AM 2:45PM 10:10AM 12:55PM


Middle Schools

School Opening Closing Delayed Opening Early Dismissal
Fairfield Woods 8:10AM 2:50PM 10:10AM 12:40PM
Roger Ludlowe 8:10AM 2:50PM 10:10AM 12:40PM
Tomlinson 8:10AM 2:50PM 10:10AM 12:40PM


High Schools

School Opening Closing Delayed Opening Early Dismissal
Fairfield Ludlowe H.S. 7:30AM 2:10PM 9:30AM 11:45AM
Fairfield Warde H.S. 7:30AM 2:10PM 9:30AM 11:45AM
Walter Fitzgerald H.S. 8:00AM 2:15PM 10:00AM 12:15AM




School Opening Closing Delayed Opening Early Dismissal
AM Session 8:45AM 11:30AM CANCELLED 10:30AM
PM Session 12:30PM 3:15PM CANCELLED 1:15PM


Close? Delay? Early Dismissal?

The decision to close or delay schools due to inclement weather begins as early as 4:30 am. Student safety is the first priority in any decision to open late or to close. If it appears conditions will be safe with a delayed opening, then schools open 2 hours late and the bus schedule is adjusted accordingly. Dismissal is at the usual time in the afternoon, even if the opening of school is delayed. In very rare cases, a decision to delay or close is made a day in advance, but with changing weather forecasts, this should not be expected.

The Superintendent of Schools consults with Town officials and neighboring superintendents. The amount of snow, visibility and road and parking lot clearance are major factors. The Department of Public Works and Police and Fire Departments also weigh in on safety. Still, the decision is not an exact science, and must be made by 5:30 am for both a delayed (2‐hour) opening and closure. Notification to parents and the media will follow as soon as possible after that time. Parents should ensure they are set up properly in Infinite Campus to receive school closing, delay and early dismissal notifications.

It is not always prudent to make early dismissal decisions by 5:30 am. The Superintendent may decide, after classes begin, that an early dismissal is warranted. When this happens, this decision is made by 10:30 am. Notification to parents will follow after that time. Generally, in the event of an early dismissal, afternoon and evening activities are cancelled.