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ClassLink Resource

                 ClassLink Resource

ClassLink delivers instant
access to all your web resources
from all your devices

ClassLink LaunchPad is an online service that allows us to organize our online resources, access to your shared network files, and the ability to edit and transfer documents online. No more flash, jump, or thumb drives needed! It a browser based service that works with all the leading browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

The secure login to ClassLink is tied to your FPS network account. The same username and password used to login to the FPS network computers is all you need.

The ClassLink tools provided also allow you to access all of your online resources and apps, like Discovery Education and BrainPOP, with a one-time login from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection via a customizable desktop. So, you will always have access to the same resources at anytime.

Keep your password protected, do not share it with ANYONE, and change it immediately if you believe that it has become known by someone else.


Only place school-related resources, documents and files in the ClassLink Cloud storage.

Let’s get started below:
ClassLink LaunchPad consists of three separate tools: My Apps, My Files, and My Classes.