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DIP Meeting - March 12 2020

You have an important opportunity to provide your voice to the focus and direction of the Fairfield Public Schools.  Please consider helping us with this process.  

A five-year district improvement plan was developed for the Fairfield Public Schools in 2015 (  It is time to update that plan for the next five years.  Our intent is to collaboratively develop a plan which will sustain and grow FPS through the 2024-25 school year. For this plan to be the best plan, for it be grounded in our reality but aspirational in its intentions we need feedback from different stakeholders.  We need to capture the voice of students, of staff, of the community at large, of our town’s elected representatives, and of you, the parents and guardians of our students with disabilities. Your voice as advocates for students with disabilities is critical to developing the best improvement plan.

Location:  Fairfield Board of Education meeting room
501 Kings Highway East
Date:  March 12, 2020
Time:  7PM