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Chromebook WIFI Troubleshooting At Home

Best process is to contact your provider for assistance, but you may want to try these steps first

  • Turn off the modem and the Wi-Fi router wait about 5 minutes, then turn the modem on, then the Wi-Fi router. Sometimes a reset is all it takes!
  • Please keep in mind Wi-Fi in a home is dependent upon the location of the Wi-Fi router, and the physical attributes of the home. You may need to experiment with where the best signal is from your router to your devices.
  • Log off and power down ( not just close the lid, actually turn off the Chromebook) then restart it.  sometimes updates slow things down in the background. Do be sure to school devices are logged off and shutdown at least once a week, and preferably 2-3 times a week so they can apply updates and refresh.
  • If the devices are going to other places other than your home, and the connection is poor, or doesn’t work, you should check the network settings for Wi-Fi on the device, forget the network that is your home network, then reconnect (you will need your home Wi-Fi password).
  • Still having issues with Optimum/Altice Internet and WiFi at home? Here are the support numbers: Optimum support for families : (203) 870.2583 or