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A Message From Superintendent Michael J. Testani - Social Media Challenges

Dear FPS Families,

Over the past few years dangerous social media challenges have gained popularity with children.  The TikTok 'blackout' challenge, which encourages children to hold their breath until they pass out, continues to cause extreme harm or worse. Unfortunately, we are experiencing instances where students are participating in these types of actions.

We ask for your support and help in reinforcing that these challenges are dangerous and should not occur in school or at home. In addition to the physical harm that these challenges may cause, a student who participates in this behavior while at school can also face disciplinary actions.

Here are two resources to help guide the social media/TikTok discussion with your child:

TikTok Challenges: Crossing Consent and Relationship Boundaries

Parents' Ultimate Guide to TikTok

Please reach out to your school with any additional questions or concerns.  Thank you for your attention to this important issue.


Michael J. Testani

FPS Superintendent of Schools