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A Message From FPS Superintendent - Drug-Laced Candy & Products

December 20, 2022

Hello Fairfield Public Schools Community,

Considering a recent report from a neighboring school district, I would like to warn our families of the dangers of drug-laced products that are being accessed by children.  

Many are consuming edible cannabis products which look like regular candy or baked goods. Therefore, I am asking all families to speak to your children about not taking any candy or baked goods from unknow individuals. These products are being sold in “copycat" packages that make them look like common candy or sweets. They are extremely dangerous because they can contain up to six times the average level of THC.  Children who eat cannabis edibles can become very sick, and may struggle to walk, sit up and breathe normally. If you observe any of these behaviors in your child, please call 911 immediately.

This is an example of how these products are being packaged and the difficulty in determining the difference between normal candy and one that contains THC.


Michael J. Testani

Superintendent of Schools