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Welcome Back Message from Mike Cummings September 4 2020

Good evening,

I hope that this communication finds you well and ready to enjoy the Labor Day weekend.  If your house is like mine, there is a mixture of excitement and apprehension.  We all are facing the uncertainty that comes with wondering about the first day of school. This year we face the additional uncertainty of wondering about the 20th day of school or the 112th day of school.  We have taken for granted, for so long, the rhythm of a 180-day calendar that runs from fall to spring.  Like so much this year, it was part of us without us realizing it.

A new year is a new year.  While we all recognize the form may change you are still outfitting your children with new sneakers, new haircuts, new water bottles.  Your students, no matter where they are learning, are excited to meet their teachers and their classmates.  They are excited to return.  We are excited to see them.

Just a few quick reminders before we start

The health and well-being of your children, your family, and our staff, remains our paramount concern and keeping everyone safe and well will be the priority in our decision-making
Everyone is a rookie this year.  Everyone has a lot to learn.  Everyone requests, requires, and responds to patience, understanding, and consideration. I have communicated to our staff that they are to move forward relative to their comfort level.  For effective instruction to occur, teachers need to be properly prepared.  We have asked a lot of them this year and they are committed to the work ahead.

In the most difficult of times, we are more dependent than ever on communication. If you have questions, please ask them at the source. 

Stay with us.  We are going to be tracking health data into the near future.  We will be monitoring the big data that will tell us if we need to change learning models and we will be watching the small data to see if we have to take additional precautions in our schools and homes.  We will continue our strong partnership with the Health Department and other community resources in Fairfield.

I hope you can focus on the excitement this weekend and put the worry away. 

Take care, and be well, Mike


Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools