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Superintendent's Message October 27, 2021 Visitors and Volunteers


Visitors and Volunteers

October 27, 2021

Good morning,

Fairfield Public Schools has always welcomed volunteers and visitors to our schools as an important part of our community. Unfortunately, the pandemic significantly limited those opportunities for parents/guardians and other adults over the past 20 months.  In consultation with the Fairfield Department of Health, volunteers and other adults visiting the school for a specific purpose may be in the buildings during school hours as long as they comply with all current school health and safety protocols.  At this time, all adults must be masked and must maintain a social distance of 6 feet from other adults and students in all school buildings.  The full Board of Education policies and administrative regulations are linked here: C-19.6 Visits to the Schools (1250), C-19.6 Visits to the Schools Administrative Regulation (1250AR), and C-19.7 School Volunteers (1212). Visitors are asked to schedule in advance and be approved by the school principal (or their designee).

Parent/guardian attendance at specific school events, (e.g. book fairs, author visits, performances, or concerts), will depend on our ability to maintain appropriate social distancing within the designated indoor space where the event is being held.  Announcements for specific school events will advise families regarding attendance and we ask for your understanding in cases where there is a need to limit attendance based on space requirements.

PPTs will continue to  be held remotely at this time due to space restrictions in our schools and difficulty maintaining six feet of social distance within PPT conference rooms.  In specific situations, however, parents and school staff may agree to convene a PPT in-person if able to maintain six feet of social distance while masking at all times.

Thank you and take care,


Mike Cummings
Superintendent of Schools