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Superintendent's Message February 11, 2022 Updated Mitigation and Mask Information

February 11, 2022

Dear Members of the Fairfield Public Schools Community

Yesterday, the CT House of Representatives voted to extend the current school mask requirements until February 28, after which local communities will determine their own school masking requirements. The state Senate will consider this same legislation on February 14.  Our expectation and hope is that the current state mandate requiring masks in schools will expire on February 28; that is what we are planning for. The intent of this communication is to provide an update on COVID-19 protocols and mitigation strategies in the Fairfield Public Schools. 

We remain committed to a mask optional policy beginning on February 28, 2022.  We expect to have more information on protocols for reported positive cases (isolation/quarantine), and will share that with you when it is available. (Please note, at this time, the Center for Disease Control still requires that students and staff wear masks on school buses).

As a school community, we commit to respecting the rights of students, staff, and visitors to wear a mask or not to wear a mask. The transition to mask choice may be difficult for some in our community.  We have developed a series of talking points to support everyone through this change.

Please know that when the mask optional policy goes into place, if you choose to send your child to school wearing a mask, our staff will not be responsible for enforcing that expectation for you.  

In the meantime, and beginning Monday, February 14, we will continue to mitigate against the spread of COVID 19 with the following strategies: 

  • Daily, personal assessment of COVID-19 symptoms.  Students and staff who are not feeling well should stay home.  Please conduct a home test to determine if you are positive.  Our schools can provide these for you if you need one.
  • Encouraging vaccination for those eligible
  •  3 foot distancing whenever possible

In addition, our staff may choose to use plexiglass barriers when working with students in small groups.

All other strategies and protocols will no longer be in effect. For a full list of those please see 2022 Guidance FAQs.

If you have questions on any other mitigation strategies or protocols please contact your child’s school administrator.

Thank you,


Mike Cummings
Superintendent of Schools