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Superintendent's Message February 27, 2022 Mask Update

February 27, 2022

Good evening

After two years of required mask use Fairfield Public Schools begins a new phase of COVID response tomorrow when we move to a mask optional policy. On Friday we received updated guidance from the CDC. Due to a low number of cases in Fairfield County masks are optional on buses as well.

I send this message tonight as a reminder to all our community members that this policy is implemented to serve the personal needs of each member. There is no right or wrong choice in a person's selection. Some of us will remove masks completely, others will always keep them on, and many may take them on or off depending on the situation and out of respect for other's decisions. Mask use has divided our community, it is time for that to stop.

The decision to vaccinate or not against COVID is again a personal choice. Like masking, a person's decision is their own and deserves respect. Unlike masking there is no visible identifier for a person's decision. Therefore no one other than a member of our nursing staff should ever ask another person their vaccination status.

Tomorrow presents an opportunity for our community to reunite. Do not let this opportunity pass us by.

Take care,


Mike Cummings
Superintendent of Schools