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March 10, 2021 Attendance Policy Changes

Attendance Policy Changes

March 10, 2021

Good afternoon,

Last evening, the Fairfield Board of Education approved revisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic to Policy C-19.9: Students, Attendance/Excuses/Dismissal.  The key changes are summarized below:

  • Absences due to quarantine or power/internet service outage during a remote learning day will be considered excused absences.
  • Parents/guardians are required to notify the school absentee line as soon as possible in the event of a power/internet service outage during a remote learning day.
  • Students who are unable to attend class in person for non-COVID-19 related reasons are encouraged to participate remotely from home, but will be marked absent from class.  The absence will be excused if a parent/guardian notifies the school's absentee line; otherwise, the absence will be unexcused.  Excused Absence definitions and documentation or notification requirements are included in the policy.  Notification to the school absentee line must include a valid reason in order to be an Excused Absence.

The full text of the policy is here: Policy C-19.8: Attendance/Excuses/Dismissal.

It is well-documented that student performance is heavily linked to attendance and participation in class.  While under the conditions of the pandemic, we are aware of the need to be more accommodating regarding illness, medical appointments, etc. As usual, we ask that families communicate the reasons for their child's absence to the school absentee line.  We continue to track excused and unexcused absences to monitor student progress and support students and their families.

Student who are classified as Full In-person learners and are directed to quarantine or isolate by the Fairfield Health Department or the school nurses are eligible to participate in short term remote learning (live streaming).  The student designation in IC will change to "Authorized Remote."  Other valid medical reasons for short-term remote learning include following COVID protocols to stay home when feeling ill or waiting for a test result. In all cases, please notify your school absentee line of the reason.

Short term remote learning may not be used for Unexcused Absences, including travel, vacations, or for students kept home at parent request.  For non-COVID medical absences please contact your school administrator.

Please direct any further questions about attendance to your school administrator.

Thank you,

Dr. Zakia D. Parrish
Executive Director of Operations and Processes
Fairfield Public Schools