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Dr. Nicole Danishevsky, Executive Director of K-12 Mathematics and STEM

Fairfield Public Schools is pleased to welcome Dr. Nicole Danishevsky as our Executive Director of K-12 Mathematics and STEM. Dr. Danishevsky will begin her new role as of July 3. 

Nicole Danishevsky

An educator with 25 years of experience, Dr. Danishevsky began her career teaching seventh grade math at Fairfield Woods Middle School.  Looking to expand her professional path, her career took her to North Haven Public Schools, where she taught high school math and assumed leadership roles within the district.  For the past eleven years, Dr. Danishevsky has been the Coordinator of Mathematics, Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation and District Testing in West Haven.   

Dr. Danishevsky brings a wealth of knowledge in mathematics, curriculum and professional development to Fairfield.  She exemplifies a love of teaching and learning, coupled with a belief that all children can learn and become mathematicians.  

We look forward to working with Dr. Danishevsky to ensure that our students receive the tools they need to succeed in math and STEM throughout their school career and beyond.