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McKinley Cafeteria Team Gets Perfect Score!

Congratulating to the Whitsons Team, Benigno Aragon, Sandra Bellido, and our Lead Debbie Belletsky at McKinley Elementary Cafeteria.

During an unannounced health inspection from the Fairfield Health Department,  the Cafeteria received a 100, a perfect score. This hard-working team has the largest enrollment of all our elementary schools. In addition, every day they prepare meals for ECC students.

This is the fifth 100 perfect score of this school year for our Fairfield Public School cafeterias.

Prioritizing DEI at FLHS

Congratulations to Ludlowe High School for being selected to present at the Connecticut Association of Schools' Education Equity Summit:  "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion form Different Perspectives."  It was a great presentation and overview of our work thus far. Click here to view the slides.

A recording of the full summit as well as individual recordings of each of the segments have been posted on the CAS website.  Click here to view

Click here for a list of recommended readings and resources on this important topic:

I am looking for educators who would like to be a part of the district “Recruitment and Retainment Committee" which will be helping pilot and brainstorm ways to improve the hiring practices in Fairfield, increase our marketing efforts and work on retaining our educators. The overall goal is to adjust hiring practices to recruit the best candidates possible for the district, while also retaining educators within our district and profession.  If you are interested or would like to know more information, please contact Digna A. Marte at

Digna A. Marte, MRP, MDiv., MBA, (she/her/ella)                                        Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

McKinley's Mr. Lowry Runs Boston Marathon

Dear FPS Community,

When I was 14 years old and in 10th grade, I was placed in an Honors Geometry class.  I am not sure what divine intervention led to my seat in Mr. Kramer’s class but I found myself almost immediately at sea.  To this day, I'm not sure if it was the number of formulas or the very idea of proofs, but nothing made sense to me.  

It did not take long for Mr. Kramer to see I was struggling and he invited me to the math lab every day, right before our period 7 class.  With the extra time and in a smaller setting, Mr. Kramer reviewed and previewed material with me.  I developed a better understanding and my grade went up.

This attention and commitment, while helpful, is not what made Mr. Kramer a great teacher.  It is what he did when I decided I had geometry all figured out and stopped attending math lab.

After a few days of opting to spend my free period eating cookies in the cafeteria, Mr. Kramer began class reminding students that he was available every period 6 for extra help.  And then, without mentioning names, he said that those who were successful in school and in life knew when they needed help and reached out for that help.  And those who thought they had it all figured out and no longer asked for help would not learn, would not be successful, and would no longer be able to afford the cafeteria cookies (I am a bit foggy on the last part).

You know I never missed a math lab the rest of that year.  And when it came time to pick classes for junior year Mr. Kramer sat with me and went over the choices.  Yes, I was doing well enough to take Honors Algebra II.  But he did not teach that class.  He did teach college level Algebra II.  You know what I picked.  For senior year I knew Mr. Kramer taught Trig and Stats.  He was my math teacher for three years.  

What made Mr. Kramer the best teacher I ever had was his content knowledge, his commitment to his craft, and his care and support for me.  He could have let me flounder and I would have dropped a level in  math.  He stood up for me and held me accountable.  

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Fairfield Public Schools is very fortunate to be full of Mr. Kramers who are working with your kids to learn content, support their needs, and hold them to high expectations. Please take some time to reach out and to thank them personally.  And if you have not already done so, it is never too late to thank the Mr. Kramers in your life.  I had the good fortune to work with Mr. Kramer as a new teacher and then as a fellow administrator.  I said thank you, not just for the math, but for his belief in me.

Have a great month of May.

Take care,


Fairfield Ludlowe Senior Wins National Merit Scholarship

Lauren Ji, a senior at Fairfield Ludlowe High School, is among 1,000 high school seniors nationwide to have won National Merit Scholarships.  Ji won the National Merit Pfizer Inc. Scholarship and plans to study chemical engineering in college.



Warde Students Combine History, Fashion and Film to Recreate Harriet Tubman Dress

US History students in James D'Acosta's classes worked in interdisciplinary fashion with Lori Degroat, fashion teacher, and Gwyn Gartsu, LMC/film teacher, to research, design, and produce a recreation of Harriet Tubman's dress. The shared video documents the project.


North Stratfield 2nd Grader Raises Money for Ukraine

After discussing the situation in Ukraine as a family, Mia asked how we can help. First we made signs, donated money, and attended a rally for support. We put sunflowers, the national flower of Ukraine, on our signs. We made 3 dozen sunflower pins to show support and gave them to the Ukrainian American Club in Southport. At the rally, the club gave them to people that donated money. Mia wanted to do more and came up with an idea of making more pins to encourage others to donate. When someone donates directly to organizations we support (Save the Children and Humane Society International), they get a pin to show their support. So far, Mia has helped raise $1,415 and she has made hundreds of pins!

The North Stratfield community is so proud of Mia!


McKinley Spring Into Reading Week

McKinley kicked off its spectacular reading with an Author's Visit from Janae Marks.  Special events included Book Talk Bingo with the Fairfield Public Library, a Vocabulary Parade, Books for Breakfast, a parent workshop led by our Language Arts Specialists, and lots and lots of Guest Readers!

Click here to view all the highlights.

Click here for the full schedule of events.

Burr Hosts Author Mac Barnett

Burr welcomed author Mac Barnett for a virtual visit. Mac is a New York Times best selling author who has written many picture books and chapter books. He read aloud from some of his books and talked about what it means to be a writer. As a school, we highlighted one of his newest books - What is Love? - by having students, staff, and parents design their own What is Love? posters. Ideas ranged from love being "holding your grandparent's hands" to "love is basketball."  


FWMS and TMS Spanish Students Converse

Karin Martel (Fairfield Woods Middle School) and Kristofer Kelso (Tomlinson Middle School) collaboratively plan to ensure common experiences for students. Technology allows  shared experiences for seventh grade Spanish level 10B students regardless of which Fairfield Middle School a child attends.    In this activity, students are practicing the skills necessary to acquire proficiency in a second language.  Students were put in pairs to interview one another and find out information about each other's interests in art and music.  

This activity fosters interpersonal connections, student to student discourse and the ability to create a relationship with a student across town with whom you might find yourself attending school together at Warde High School.   This is the second time the students at each middle school were afforded the opportunity to work with students from another "home school."


Warde: The Cinderella Project

Fairfield Warde’s club The Cinderella Project recently partnered with the Bridgeport Police Department’s Community Service Division to host an event where local teens in need could shop for the upcoming prom season. Through a number of donation drives this year, The Cinderella Project was able to donate over 100 dresses and other accessories to the event. Club members were on site for the three-day event to serve as personal shoppers and help teens find their dream dresses! Warde English teachers Carrie O’Brien and Amanda Roland serve as club advisors.