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The Connecticut State Department of Education is excited to announce the release of the “Connecticut Report Cards” on our data portal EdSight at The report cards are user-friendly, visual reports for all schools, districts, and the state. The Connecticut Report Cards are also designed to fulfill the reporting requirements outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act and the Connecticut General Statutes.

Each report card provides essential information about:

  • Students (e.g., enrollment, demographics, attendance, discipline)
  • Educators (e.g., capacity, demographics, attendance)
  • Instruction/Resources (e.g., course participation, time with non-disabled peers, per-pupil expenditures)
  • Performance (e.g., state test achievement and growth, high school graduation, college readiness, physical fitness, college entrance)

The report cards use simple charts to visualize the data and make them accessible and understandable to a broad audience. Most charts offer trend data and encourage a longer-term perspective. District and/or state data are offered as comparisons in many cases. An “info icon” next to every chart contains a brief explanation of the data. When new data are available, the particular chart in the report card will be updated.

Freedom of Information:

For Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, please contact our District Records Facilitator at

  • FOI requests will be acknowledged within four business days (CGS §1-206).
  • Fairfield Public Schools will respond as expeditiously as possible to each request (CSG §1-210). FOI requests vary in nature and scope and there is no pre-determined response time.
  • The copy fee is $.50 per page (CGS §1-212). Only checks or money orders will be accepted.

More information can be found at:

FAFSA Completion Rate (2022-23 School Year):

  • Fairfield Ludlowe High School : 74.2%
  • Fairfield Warde High School : 71.4%
  • Fairfield School/Community Partnership : 0%

More information can be found at: (Filter District: "Fairfield School District)

Title IX:

  • Applies to programs or activities operated by schools that receive federal financial assistance, including elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, whether public or private.
  • Prohibits schools receiving federal funds from discriminating on the basis of sex

Title IX Mandatory Training (PDF)