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Statement of Professional Experience (Form ED126)

Please send all requests for the completion of ED126 forms to We have a supply of the ED126 forms in our office so there is no need for you to send us the form. Human Resources is authorized to complete, sign and submit the ED126 forms to the State of Connecticut, Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification. (Please do not send the ED126 form to the Superintendent’s office.)

Due to COVID, the Bureau of Certification allows electronic submission of the ED126 form to them as long as the form is submitted electronically by the district. When we submit the ED126 form to the Bureau of Certification on your behalf, we will copy you on the email so that you know the form has been completed and submitted.

Please allow us five (5) business days to complete your ED126 form.
If you have questions, please contact Human Resources at 203-255-8462. Thank you.