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COVID-19: Information and Resources


Dear Members of the Fairfield Public Schools Community

Good morning.

We continue to monitor developments involving the coronavirus or COVID-19.  Please note that all of our actions are precautionary measures.  In addition to maintaining healthy habits, we want to be as ready as possible IF we have to close schools for an extended time period.


  • We are working with our school nurses to remind students of the necessity of handwashing, sneezing into your elbow, and all the necessary actions each of us can take to protect one another.  The Health Department is putting together a video on handwashing that will enable them to reach more students more quickly.
  • We continue a strict cleaning schedule of our schools and all learning spaces.  Several people have asked if we can increase the intensity of our cleaning products (specifically using bleach-based cleaners).  That regulation is controlled by the state and we would need their clearance to take such measures.
  • Our buses are cleaned each morning before going on to the road.


Planning ahead:

  • We will be using professional development time over the next few weeks to train teachers in the use of online learning resources to support student learning in case we do need to close schools.
  • We are asking that any family that may require a computer and/or support for Wi-Fi access during a shutdown please contact their school to make sure the school is aware of their needs.


Above all, please know our greatest concern remains the wellness and safety of our students, their families, and our staff. The priorities of your families in the event of a closure supersede our planning.

Further information on the virus can be found at the CDC site,

I have attached a document from the National Association of School Psychologists.  It provides advice and guidelines on how to speak with your children about COVID-19 and includes the basic precautions we can all take to stay healthy.

My hope is that all of our work remains a valuable exercise in preparedness and is not ever put into use.  We will continue to keep you apprised of developments as they occur.

Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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