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COVID-19: Information and Resources


Good afternoon

Today was my first day working from home.  All seven of us were on computers during the day either teaching, learning, or ‘superintendenting.’  We are getting our money’s worth out of the internet provider. 

A few brief notes today

  • Paraprofessionals and Ed Trainers will be returning to virtual classrooms beginning Monday.  They will be working to support students and teachers with online learning.
  • Elementary progress reports will be posted on Infinite Campus today.
  • We are entering the fourth marking period.  At the middle school students will be switching their Unified Arts classes.  Please refer to your individual school messages regarding Unified Arts and invitations to join Google Classrooms.
  • Finally and most importantly it is vital that you keep your children from meeting together at the parks, beaches, playgrounds, and other locations. Many people are doing this already, thank you.  Stopping the spread of the disease is the key to us returning to the life we all prefer.  The Town of Fairfield and the Fairfield Public Schools are committed to keeping everyone safe.

Thank you and take care,


Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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