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COVID-19: Information and Resources


Dear Members of the Fairfield Public Schools Community,

We have a few items to share today.

First, as always, our priority is the health of your family and yourself.  If you are having concerns with receiving or finishing assignments, please work with teachers for support.

Like you, I am encouraging our staff to put the health of their families and themselves first.  As part of this, I want them to try to limit their own screen time to school hours.


Breakfast and Lunch Program Expanded

Starting Monday, March 23, we are adding Holland Hill to McKinley and Roger Ludlowe Middle School as sites where you can pick up breakfast and lunch for your children.  Please be advised of the following:

  • Meal service is expanded to 5 hours, 8:00am-1:00pm at all 3 schools.
  • Meal service is at Roger Ludlowe MS, and McKinley ES. Holland Hill ES will begin service Monday, March 23rd.
  • May take 2 meals at a time, breakfast & lunch.  All meals grab-n-go.
  • May take a multiple day supply of meals. Please bring a reusable bag.
  • Menu & allergy information available on FPS Food Services webpage. Visit McKinley’s menu for meals served at all 3 sites.

Please remember you can access this service whether you qualify for free/reduced lunch or not. 


Food Allergies

From our district food service provider, Whitsons:

All our meals are being prepared in the school kitchens as we do during the school year.  The products we are using are the same items we offer daily.  Our Registered Dietitian has been updating the menu on the Fairfield Public Schools, Food Services website so parents can check.   

Parents can go to "Food Services" on the Fairfield Public Schools Website 

Click “FD Meal Planner” 

Type in "Fairfield" in the Location bar

Click on “McKinley” 

Click on "Lunch"

Click on "View Menus"

Click On "Printable Menu" (upper left hand corner)

The March Menu will pop up.

If a parent clicks on the menu of the day, the allergens and ingredients will appear.

We have posted signs on Monday, at both schools, advising students to please make staff aware of any allergies. 


In addition our Registered Dietitian, Melanie Rotante, is available to respond to parent phone calls or emails with concerns about our food products.



If your child is ill and cannot attend classes, please email the teachers directly.  This information will be communicated to the school staff.

Today there was a power outage in part of town.  We understand that makes coming to school impossible.  Please do not worry about this if it happens again.  You can let teachers know when your students are back on line.


Supporting Student Learning with Video Lessons and Audio Interactions

In order to increase support for students learning at home, and the parents helping them, we will be training all staff in two additional instructional approaches.  Teachers will use Google Meet, for two-way audio interactions to support small group and 1:1 instruction. Google Meet also has a camera function but because of privacy concerns, we are asking you to disable that.  The simplest method is to put a Band-Aid over the camera (make sure the gauze pad not the sticky part is over the actual lens!).   Teachers will also be trained in screencasting, which is a one-way video interface; they will create lessons using video and then share those with students.  The screencast will provide whole group instruction. 

Teachers will begin training in Google Meet immediately and we are asking them to try it out over the course of the next week. It might take some time for teachers to sort how to best use audio to prioritize student questions and organize groups. Everyone is learning as we go along.

Training in screencasting will take a little longer.  Some teachers are already using screencasting, but it will be a bit of a challenge to support and remotely train all of our teachers at once.  As I have said before, patience and flexibility are necessary equipment right now.


FPS Learning Plans

The CT State Department of Education called me Tuesday and requested permission to use our flexible learning plans as a resource for other districts.  They saw them online and were greatly impressed.  Thank you to all of our staff who contributed to them and made them stronger.  Your work leads the way forward.


This Weekend

The weather is expected to be sunny but not particularly warm.  Who cares?  It is the weekend. We are asking everyone in the schools, students and staff alike, to power down their computers and spend some time outside wherever possible.  Just maintain that social distance.  I am going to keep my kids 6 feet apart when they are raking out the gardens while I supervise from the lawn chair.  One caveat – for high school students who received homework today, please make sure you complete it tonight so you too will be available for chores.  For high school students who receive homework on Friday, you can do it Monday night as it will be due Tuesday.  Every student should be reading this weekend.  Getting lost in a good book is an educational and engaging example of social distancing.  Moreover, it will give parents a much needed break.


Please take care and stay well,


Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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