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COVID-19: Information and Resources


Dear Members of the Fairfield Public Schools Community

I hope you have had a good week and that everyone is well.

The end of the school year has been very busy.  We are in the final stages of adopting a 20-21 operating budget.  We are preparing for our high schools’ graduation exercises.  And we are taking stock of the current school year as we prepare for the next school year.

Our staff worked last Friday to review the year in preparation for 20-21 school improvement planning.  We know what to do if we all return to physical school next year.  What we do not know as well, and what we need to improve, is how we provide distance learning or how a combination of in school and distance learning will work. 

We will begin working with staff in July to review how curriculum may need to change in response to these different learning options next year.  We will be expanding professional learning on how to instruct in a distance learning environment. We will also be developing improvements to logistics, such as scheduling and communication, to improve the distance learning experience for students, parents, and staff.

Our district’s re-entry committee has been meeting to prepare for the different logistical issues presented by a return to school.  With social distancing in place how will bus transportation work?  How will students enter and exit buildings?  How will we serve lunch?  There are dozens of questions like this and each question tends to raise more questions before we can develop answers.  We will continue this work through the summer and will be sharing with you the decisions as quickly as possible.  As always, directions from health department officials will guide our work.

We cannot go forward without your input.  We have developed two surveys to gather your thoughts on both the current year and 20-21. 

There is a student survey which can be found here -

The parent survey is here -

Parents, please have your children answer the survey on their own.  It is important that we gather their authentic feedback.  For some of the younger students though you may need to read and explain some of the questions.

There are questions in each survey for all students and parents, and there are also questions specific to each of the levels.  Please be sure to go through the entire survey.

Please complete these by the end of the school year, June 17.

Your voice is always important to us.  As we end this school year, and prepare for the next, we remain committed to continuous improvement.  Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Take care and be well,


Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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