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COVID-19: Information and Resources


Good afternoon everyone

I hope you were able to get outside this weekend and enjoy the weather. I hope that you and your loved ones are well.

Speaking only for myself the outside world got closer this weekend. The personal connections to someone who is ill grew more numerous and the news seems more dire. This ominous escalation of numbers can consume us. I hope that you are taking comfort in the families and friends around you and possibly the new routines which provide you respite. At the end of each day my two youngest kids and I have been playing basketball together, something that never happened when I was working. I have yet to win a game, but I have some time. I will not get all “Cats in the Cradle” on you (Google it), but I urge you, if you have not done so, to find the little things that will provide you balance now and when you look back on these days.

Shout Out!

To our fabulous food service staff who continue to bring the meals, day in and day out. A total of 3.843 meals last week alone. So many people depend on them for the food but also for the smiling greeting they get each morning and afternoon. Thank you!

And a reminder that because this Friday is Good Friday, there will be no meals served. However, you can pick up meals on Thursday for the three-day weekend. Food service will run during vacation week, 8 am to 1 pm each day at McKinley, Holland Hill, and Roger Ludlowe

Take care and stay well,

Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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