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Good afternoon

I hope this email finds everyone well. The news, and maybe our own experiences, tell us that each day is becoming more ominous. I continue to speak for all our staff when I tell you that we want you to put your family and yourselves first. Nothing is more important than that.

I have had a number of parents email with concerns that students will not have work or structure over April break. It is not required but students in grades 6 to 12 could be receiving homework assignments or projects due after the break. Teachers will follow the homework policy which reads, in part, Teachers can assign work due after break as a long-term assignment, provided the work is assigned at least two weeks before the vacation and not due the first class day back. However, Advanced Placement classes may have homework due the first class back after April break.”  Students will receive their assignments in the week before break.

Also, for elementary students we are developing a list of optional activities to help keep students engaged during the break. We will be sending that out next week.

Information on video instruction was sent earlier today. Parents do not need to sign anything. However, if you do have concerns please contact the staff listed at the bottom of the form as soon as possible.

Additional information on privacy issues can be found here -

Shout Out

Today is Paraprofessional Day and a great opportunity to shout out to the many wonderful paraprofessionals who work with students and staff in the Fairfield Public Schools. Your constant support of students in their learning is invaluable and we are very glad you are on this distance learning journey with us. I would encourage everyone to send a thank you to the paraprofessionals in their life.

Take care, Mike

Michael Cummings
Superintendent of Schools
Fairfield Public Schools


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