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The Library Media Department has a Board of Education approved Collaborative Curriculum. 

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship skills taught in Fairfield Public Schools are aligned with the ISTE Digital Citizenship Framework, a proactive matrix to empower students to develop positive online behavior.

"Every digital learner is also a Digital Agent, Digital Self and Digital Interactor." ISTE

Inquiry Model

The Fairfield Public Schools Inquiry Process

guides students and teachers as they approach learning.

Learning Commons Model

Unlike the quiet, static reading space of traditional libraries, Library Learning Commons provide a dynamic physical and online presence that support learning outcomes from every academic discipline, and provide students with the information and technology resources needed to build knowledge. The Library Learning Commons facilitates collaborative instruction, small group work, research, multi-disciplinary projects, personal inquiry, communication, interactive learning, and digital media technologies.


The mission of the school library professional is to utilize both effective instructional practices and an active, enriching learning environment that will support student achievement and life-long learning in a digital, global society. The professional library staff will:

Collaborate with educators, administrators, and students to identify resources, design projects, and provide opportunities for engaging curricular experiences that meet individual needs and empower learners to be critical thinkers and problems solvers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, effective collaborators, creative communicators, and ethical users of information in all its forms.

Instruct students and assist educators in locating, using, evaluating, and producing information and ideas through active use of a broad range of appropriate tools, resources, and information technologies.

Evaluate, select and provide materials in all formats (print, digital, virtual, etc.), including up-to-date, high quality, varied fiction and non-fiction material, which both support the curricula of the district and address the needs of a diverse population.

Provide educational leadership and advocate for strong school library programs as essential to meeting local, state, and national education standards by becoming knowledgeable in all curricular areas, serving on curricular and planning committees, staying on the forefront of emerging technologies and current pedagogy, and providing professional development.

Manage physical and virtual library systems by: promoting services, managing budgets, overseeing staff, managing daily library operations, supervising students, ordering and processing materials, scheduling labs and LLC areas, supporting audio visuals for the building, creating statistical reports and data, and coordinating with the IT department to provide technology services for the school.

Promote and support literacy, including the new reading, writing, and learning skills required by the Internet and other emerging information and communication technologies, by offering students the best choices in fiction and non-fiction for classroom and personal use, providing expert readers’ advisory through book talks, booklists, and individual conversations, and promoting a love of reading and literature in all formats.


The Library Media Department supports students and teachers with technology integration. For various technology related information, please click on the links below:

Fairfield Public Schools I.T. Department

Innovative Learning Chromebook Initiative


The Library Learning Commons serves as the school’s physical and virtual center for active and engaged learning. As an integral part of the school community, the program supports student achievement through inquiry-based instruction, collaborative learning, and innovative thinking, with a focus on literacies for the digital age.